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5/8/25 12:00 am - annye0ng,

hi, i'd like to be known as kae on the internet.
thanks for dropping by, but there's nothing much to look upon. this account is solely for commenting.  you can catch me on
twitter and tumblr – please still do feel free to add me as friend, i am a nice person. c:

4/20/15 09:35 pm - introductory post

right so. this space has been neglected for the longest time. i am having the urge to post something here again. this might just end up being a rant space for kpop to anything. tbh idek who comes here to read what i write but if you happen to be reading this, thank you for caring to read my trash. yup so.

just to start of with some questions tagged by my friend nic on twitter. also will be doing a timeline for the fandoms i've been in.

1. first kpop song: almost paradise by tmax cos boys over flowers lol
2. first kpop group: shinee
3. first bias: key!!
4. current bias: when you stan vixx you can't really choose a bias tbh but i feel for leo the most
5. song you know all the words to: um davichi 8282
6. fav girl group: idk i don't think i have one yet but rn aoa and exid are in my radar
7. fav boy group: vixx
8. fav solo artist: i don't have one
9. fav dance: ugh vixx's on and on
10. first kdrama: bof
11.  fav drama: medical top team
12. least fav drama: angels eyes sorry not sorry. too draggy and too much crying
13. how long have you been in kpop: 5 yrs?

till the next time.
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